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(ecology) a community of organisms where each member is eaten in turn by another member

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The knowledge required to restore freshwater environments is acquired by information on the dynamics, structure, and interactions of the communities' trophic web (Carpenter et al., 1985).
Previously only macroinvertebrates (> 20 mm) were considered when creating trophic webs for Galapagos, ignoring both the biomass and secondary productivity of the potentially important mesograzer functional group.
Trophic webs are considered some of the main forces that structure aquatic communities (Pascual & Dunne, 2006).
The circumstances leading to the dominance of the classic model of trophic web structure (phytoplankton-zooplankton-higher levels) or of a microbial trophic web is now a major research issue and is far from being resolved.
The definition of trophic category was used to simplify trophic web complexity of the ecosystem.
infans in Lago de Patzcuaro feeds on specific prey from different trophic webs periphytic diatoms (littoral trophic web), cladocerans and secondary consumers like copepods (limnetic trophic web) and terrestrial adult insects (terrestrial trophic web).This behavior is described by Vadeboncoeur et al.
This isotope does not identify primary producers like the [[delta].sup.13]C, but it is consistently fractionated along the trophic web, allowing inference about the trophic position of consumers (VANDER ZANDEN et al., 1997).
Impact of an introduced Crustacean on the trophic webs of Mediterranean wetlands.
There are both top-down and bottom-up effects which are linked through complex, multispecies interactions in trophic webs that can dramatically alter the composition of marine communities.
nannus as part of demersal assemblages, observations on the trophic spectrum of this and other species can help to generate a conceptual model of the trophic webs and dynamics of the feeding relations among communities found on the continental shelf of Jalisco and Colima, an area that has received little attention in the past.