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Synonyms for Trojan

a native of ancient Troy

a program that appears desirable but actually contains something harmful


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As countless swarms of flies buzz around a herdsman's homestead in the time of spring when the pails are drenched with milk, even so did the Achaeans swarm on to the plain to charge the Trojans and destroy them.
They were gathered in assembly, old and young, at Priam's gates, and Iris came close up to Priam, speaking with the voice of Priam's son Polites, who, being fleet of foot, was stationed as watchman for the Trojans on the tomb of old Aesyetes, to look out for any sally of the Achaeans.
Here the Trojans and their allies divided their forces.
Priam's son, great Hector of the gleaming helmet, commanded the Trojans, and with him were arrayed by far the greater number and most valiant of those who were longing for the fray.
Chromis, and Ennomus the augur, led the Mysians, but his skill in augury availed not to save him from destruction, for he fell by the hand of the fleet descendant of Aeacus in the river, where he slew others also of the Trojans.
The Daily Bruin called it an ``epic finish,'' and the Daily Trojan quoted Nick Young as saying Afflalo ``took the life out of me.
Macintosh users have had some bragging rights over their Windows counterparts for various reasons, not the least of which is "malware"--viruses, worms, and Trojan horses--that is a frequent pain to Windows users.
What a Trojan is and why it poses a threat to organizations
Calyptix Security has successfully protected its customers from a new email virus widely known as the Storm Trojan, without reliance on static signatures.
SAN DIEGO -- Eset, a global security software solutions company providing next-generation virus protection, today announced that the company's advanced heuristics detected several thousand messages carrying variants of the Trojan based on the Bagle worms.
Trojan has joined Moll Industries as Vice President of Finance, playing a chief role in recent growth at the company since his start in November of 2004.
The end-user is social engineered into downloading the Trojan, which connects back to Internet Relay Chat (IRC), enabling the creator to control the Trojan remotely.
the leading provider of Advanced Threat Protection solutions, today confirmed a new type of network attack, a third-generation Trojan horse that is infecting networks across the globe.
This partnership will allow Trojan to make significant progress toward its goal of rapidly growing the Industrial/Commercial business.
This is an enormously important market for us," Trojan President & CEO Allan Bulckaert said at a major water conference in Munich today.