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an athletic contest in which a competitor must perform successively a hop and a step and a jump in continuous movement

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His father, himself a former triple-jump star, said: 'We looked at the season and it was a question of 'where can we get the right competition?'.
He files off the edges of his boot soles and blade plates to get more clearance for his unusually deep edgework; to allow more ankle play he uses boots that are more flexible than those used by triple-jump specialists.
COLIN JACKSON OUR NEW OLYMPICS COLUMNIST SIGNS ON WITH A BANG Chambers shouldn't OLYMPICS , be anywhere near BRITAIN'S triple-jump Olympic gold medal hope Phillips Idowu angered the Crystal Palace crowd yesterday by pulling out of the London Grand Prix just half an hour before he was due to take part.
Eke, one of five underclassmen named to the T&G Super Team, completed the triple-jump triple crown.
Algonquin, with triple-jump runner-up Rachael Ackley (above), captured its sixth straight Class A girls' title.
Then, on his sixth and final attempt at the state meet, Robakiewicz triple-jumped 46-9 to vault his way from second to first place.
Division 1 meet where she triple-jumped 35 feet, 3 inches to record her first individual victory at a major meet.