Triple Frontier

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the border area where Argentina and Brazil and Paraguay meet

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drug-enforcement agents were called to assist after workers at the private Phoenix river port grew suspicious about rice from the well-known smuggling zone along the Triple Frontier of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina.
The Iranian perpetrators, identified by Interpol, are still at large; the atrocity served as the prelude to the seeds of Hizbollah sowed from Venezuela to the Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay triple frontier.
Mussa Ali Hamdan, 38, was arrested Tuesday in Ciudad del Este, part of the Triple Frontier, a region the United States has repeatedly cited as being exploited by militant groups that "finance
The Mariscal Estigarribia air base is within 124 miles of Bolivia and Argentina, and 200 miles from Brazil, near the Triple Frontier where Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina meet.
Heart of Stone looked to "break up Cartes' drug trafficking organizations" in the Triple Frontier, a tri-border region near the cities of Foz do Iguacu (Brazil), Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), and Puerto Iguazu (Argentina).