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type genus of the family Triopidae: small crustaceans with a small third median eye

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Crustacea: Notostraca Triops granarius (Lucas, 1864) Crustacea: Ostracoda Cyprideis sp.
Eastward range extension of the tadpole shrimp, Triops longicaudatus (Leconte), in Oklahoma.
longicaudatus as the only North American Triops species and on the basis of this treatment, specimens were identified as T.
Body-fossils: Triops cancriformis permiensis and Lepidurus occitaniacus have been described, from a large sample composed of thousands of carapaces, thoraco-abdominal fragments and more rarely from intact specimens.
We have also obtained partial sequences of phenoloxidases from the branchiopods Triops longicaudatus and Artemia franciscana, crustaceans that synthesize extracellular hemoglobin for oxygen transport.
One characteristic example is the tadpole shrimps (the notostracan crustaceans of the genus Triops, see figure 86, p.
Prairie species included five species of Anostraca, two species of Conchostraca, and the Notostracan Triops longicaudatus Le Conte.
50, or, in Germany, from TRIOPS, Toeche-Mittler Distribution, Hindenburgstr.
These six taxa included the tadpole shrimp in the genus Triops, three taxa of annelid worms, the leech E.
44 % del total de las especies registradas en esta region, ellos son los chapulines Stilpnochlora quadrata (Scudder), Conocephalus ictus (Scudder), Conocephalus cinereus Thunberg, Neoconocephalus triops Linneo, Scudderia mexicana (Saussere), Microcentrum totonacum (Saussere), Taeniopoda bicristata Burmeister, de las cucarachas P.
In the Acripes layers, the exclusive abundance of Triopsids body-fossils (= Triops cancriformis permiensis and Lepidurus occitaniacus Gand et al.
Triops longicaudatus), no neu"" have been found in or on the heart, and the heartbeat is thus myogenic (Yamagishi et al.
The invertebrate fauna is little known, but there are some remarkable crustaceans of the genus Imnadopsis and the tadpole shrimp Triops australiensis, which is thought to have existed in its current form for more than 150 million years.
00, and in Germany from TRIOPS Tropical Scientific Books), Raiffenstrasse 24, D-6070 Langen, FRG.