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Christian doctrine stressing belief in the Trinity

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The essence of this is found in the osmosis of christology, pneumatology, and trinitarianism, and all these within the horizon of the coming kingdom.
His Trinitarianism and Christology drew upon this vocabulary and used it not to mean "realms of things, but as active processes," a notion which is fully consonant with Chalcedon, but that draws in active life.
A reading of this sort could foster additional insights into what absolute Spirit signifies if we bear in mind that the religious tendencies in neo-Platonism, and especially Plotinus, are in part responses to an emergent Christian trinitarianism.
In his journey towards Anglicanism, a constellation of related shifts appeared in his thinking: from Socinianism to Trinitarianism, from confidence in perfectibility to a need for redemption, and, crucially, from a view that evil is actually part of divine benevolence to an acceptance of original sin.
Jonathan Edwards' Social Augustinian Trinitarianism in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives.
Keep (Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1973), 146-150, argues Akhenaton introduced a trinitarian conception that excluded recognition of all other divinities and which trinitarianism continued after Akhenaton's reign in the worship of other divinities, notably Amon, Ra, and Ptah.
Southgate affirms such classical Christian doctrines as Trinitarianism, creatio ex nihilo, resurrection, and final consummation.
In that sense, fiduciary trinitarianism is, to shift metaphors from
Trinitarianism, which distinguished between God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, served to neutralize the potentially disturbing incestuous-erotic overtones, explaining how Mary could at once be daughter, mother, and bride.
Neoplatonic Trinitarianism could describe the Absolute as impinging on history, but not the effects of history on the Trinity itself.
115) This resulted in two factions of trustees competing for the right to use the church facilities, each with its own minister: one faction espousing Unitarianism and the other Trinitarianism.
They are looking to Islam for direct theology, no encumbering Trinitarianism, and for providing a welcoming community," said Smith.
He finished with the claim by Isaac Causabon that Trinitarianism had kept more people from embracing Christianity than any other feature.
Some rejected transubstantiation and Trinitarianism, but none espoused Lutheranism's doctrines of justification by faith and the attainment of salvation by faith alone and the Calvinist notion of predestination.
Except for his Origenism and allegorical tendencies, Gregory followed Basil in his Trinitarianism, Christology, Mariology, and handling of pagan literature.