Trillium recurvatum

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trillium of central United States having dark purple sessile flowers

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Insect visitors were surveyed for presence/absence of Trillium recurvatum pollen grains.
In southern Wisconsin where soils are limestone derived (Curtis, 1971), Trillium recurvatum does well in rich, mesic, southern hardwood forested sites as well as in more open mesic sites.
Both carried pollen of Trillium recurvatum. One was one of six possible brightly-colored species of Collops Say (subfamily Malachiinae, family Melyridae) found in Wisconsin.
Flowering genets of Trillium recurvatum were found to be pollen limited in terms of fruit production, but not in terms of seed production.
These are characteristics of Trillium recurvatum. The pollen limitation index (L = 1 - [[P.sub.o]/[P.sub.s]], where [P.sub.o] is percent fruit set for open-pollinated controls and Ps is percent fruit set for plants receiving supplemental cross pollen; the higher the value of L, the greater the pollen limitation) for T.