Trillium erectum

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trillium of eastern North America having malodorous pink to purple flowers and an astringent root used in folk medicine especially to ease childbirth

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The effect of pollinators, predators and energy constraints on the floral ecology and evolution of Trillium erectum. Oecologia, 48:400-406.
The little red wildflower Trillium erectum takes rising soil temperatures in the Spring as its cue to emerge, according to Marie-Claude Routhier and Line Lapointe of Laval University in Ste-Foy, Canada.
Let's just say one variety - trillium erectum - is also known as stinking benjamin.
Tall Trillium erectum, called birth root or stinking Benjamin, is a favourite.
Just as good is trillium erectum, which has similar spotted leaves with large claret blooms and a chocolate collar.