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United States literary critic (1905-1975)

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While Trilling suggests that their respective interpretations of Melville illuminate his characters' politics, it is curious that we never gain access to Laskell's own interpretation of the novel.
KEYWORDS: Lionel Trilling, Ludwig Lewisohn, Contemporary Jewish Record 1944 Symposium, Zionism, Cosmopolitan Jewish intellectuals
The work of Isaac Babel, which Trilling wrote about in his Introduction to Babel's The Collected Stories, published in Walter Morison's translation in 1955, illustrated the connection between mind, imagination, and politics perhaps more directly than even those writers he chose to examine in The Liberal Imagination (1950).
Perhaps the strengths and weaknesses of Mendelson's approach can best be seen by examining his treatment of Lionel Trilling, the first writer he deals with.
By contrast, those whose criticism derives from Aristotle, including Horace, Samuel Johnson, Matthew Arnold, Henry James, Edmund Wilson, Lionel Trilling, Cleanth Brooks, Ralph Ellison, and Marilyn Butler, share an ethos of tolerance, rationality, and realism.
Northern Arizona University researchers David Trilling and Michael Mommert, while playing a well-defined role in the NASA Asteroid Initiative, are beginning to wonder if they have found a separate path of investigation.
Following Sole (2002:656), "once trilling is initiated, tonguetip vibration is maintained as a self-sustaining vibratory system." In determining what constitutes a trill, the most important factor to consider is whether there is more than one closure of the vocal tract.
Increasingly, information security is about situational awareness, said Stephen Trilling, chief technology officer at Symantec.
Daniel Trilling, assistant editor of The New Statesman and a journalist who writes regularly about the British political right wing, is the author of this new book on the rise and fall of the British National Party (often compared with the US Tea Party).
Lionel Trilling and Irving Howe and Other Stories of Literary Friendship, by Edward Alexander.
If we believe Adam Kirsch's new book, Why Trilling Matters, remembering literary critic Lionel Trilling is to gain an idea of what it means to live a life in literature.
That's what the crowds want, proper blue collar rock, not some floozy skipping around in a pointy bra trilling Like A Virgin (though obviously not trilling like a virgin).
TWENTY YEARS AGO, ASKING why Lionel Trilling mattered would not have seemed necessary.
Trilling, Renee R., The Aesthetics of Nostalgia: Historical Representation in Old English Verse (Toronto Anglo-Saxon), Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2009; cloth; pp.