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Synonyms for Trilliaceae

small family of herbs having flowers with 3 petals and 3 sepals

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(Trilliaceae) that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for treatment of injuries from falls, fractures, contusions, bleeding and immunity disorders (Zhao et al.
Phylogenetic analyses of Trilliaceae based on morphological and molecular data.
Families in which vessels with long scalariform perforation plates occur in roots whereas stems and leaves have only tracheids include Araceae (Keating, 2003), Costaceae, Hanguanaceae, Heliconiaceae, Hypoxidaceae, Melanthiaceae, Petermanniaceae, Ruscaceae, Trilliaceae, Zingiberaceae, and a number of genera of hyacinthoid Liliaceae (Wagner, 1977)..
Systematic position of the Trilliaceae, Smilacaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Herreriaceae,
The 15 species investigated in the newly defined family (now including Trilliaceae; Rudall et al., 2000) have subform [P2c.sub.c] sieve-element plastids with comparatively large, cuneate crystals (Figs.