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a word that is written with three letters in an alphabetic writing system

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Language Independent features like word, PoS, bigrams and trigrams of suffixes & prefixes, PoS tags preceding and following NE and words preceding and following NEs are extracted from the training data to build the language model.
It indicates the relationship between internal environment and external environment of the hexagram; the former is formed by the first three lines as the inner trigram, and the latter by the top three lines that form the outer trigram.
As it is none of the biggest." (67) Day's hand is somewhat harder to identify, for many of the unique shared phrases are fairly trivial, such as the trigram, "was the villain," which can be found in the Queen Mother's line, "Spaniards, this was the villain" (, and the following line in Humour Out of Breath (1607): "My lord, Hortensio was the villain." (68) Nonetheless, these repeated phrases tend to cluster in scenes for which the linguistic patterns accord with a theory of Day's authorship, rather than Dekker, Haughton, or indeed Marston.
Let n be the number of n-grams in the source text and a, b, c, d, and e be the number of five grams, four grams, trigrams, bigrams, and unigrams, respectively, in dictionaries.
(ii) TRIGRAMSsvm: in this method, trigrams feature set is introduced to build the SVM classifier [4].
For practical reasons, I favour trigrams for the investigation of conglomerates in English because trigrams are more efficient than bigrams for data-mining and because compounds would cause too much noise for queries based on single hyphenated sequences.
To this end we calculated six LL comparison scores, for uni-, bi- and trigrams of part of-speech (PoS) and of complete morphosyntactic descriptions (MSDs).
"I know it's not the best joke around," he says, "but it's a very common surname in Korea, so we played around with that, and also a pattern inspired by elements of the South Korean flag." Paired with palettes of cool powder blue, gray, and navy, clusters of small black lines--abstracted from the flag's four black trigrams representing the four elements, seasons, directions, and virtues--pepper the tops and pullovers.
"In order to run analytics, the second step is tokenization, where the software tries to split the text into chunks to analyze." Certain methods of tokenization, such as breaking the text into bigrams or trigrams, leads to tiling, which is a good method for basic search, but does not work well for TAR, Noel explains.
"Balance" implies two opposite forces while Qian and Kun respectively incorporate yang or yin trigrams, suggesting that they represent interconnecting opposites rather than imbalanced opposites.
If one looks at the fence long enough, at some point, one's vision will diverge, and the trigrams will reveal their anti-formal presence, so Paul Virilio teaches us.
Richard Burdick's recording is a collection of quartets based on a compositional process derived from his understanding of the I Ching (an ancient Chinese text combining mythology and mathematics based on trigrams and hexagrams)--the bulk of these compositions last between 30 seconds and one minute.
We see that only the Chinese trigrams [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] and [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] are connected to the English translated words.
As a test of SERIOL predictions, we conducted a consonant trigram-identification experiment, where the trigrams were briefly presented at various retinal locations.