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Synonyms for trigger

Synonyms for trigger

Synonyms for trigger

lever that activates the firing mechanism of a gun


a device that activates or releases or causes something to happen

an act that sets in motion some course of events

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Seismites in lacustrine deposits are divided into different classes and their trigger mechanisms discussed by Sims [6], Alfaro et al.
Kahrs also feature an offset barrel with the trigger mechanism beside it to produce a frame with a high grip close to the centerline of the bore, which enhances recoil control.
Begin with a dash of plutonium sprinkle some uranium-235 add a trigger mechanism and a rocket booster and voil&225; a nuclear deterrence program!
I found the trigger mechanism used by the LAUSD to negotiate rates at a committee level or to require the covered employees to bear the additional costs when the rates increase by more than 3.5 percent a fascinating concept.
LGN16, scheduled for April 2010, will be, through its economic impact on the region, a true "trigger mechanism to advance Oran at the rank of largest cities in the Mediterranean," he said during a radio forum.
Several cylindrical (Scheffer, 1934; Ingles, 1949; Sargeant, 1966; Baker and Williams, 1972; Hart, 1973) and box-type live traps (Sherman, 1941; Howard, 1952) have been developed for pocket gophers, all of which use a trigger mechanism (plate).
July 1993 H9 amended, six-hit trigger mechanism introduced
"She has chosen - or the Government have chosen - 42 days with a trigger mechanism because that is the number of days they believe they can get through the House of Commons; but there is no evidence whatsoever to support such an extension."
The latter, called the New Agent, has a new trigger mechanism that's heavy enough to turn off some serious shooters, but won't matter to those customers--you know them--whose motto is, "If it ain't Colt, it's crap."
Remington's previous trigger mechanism was a good design with multiple adjustment capabilities, capable of precise tuning in the hands of a skilled rifle-smith.
Castrillon and colleagues have previously shown that the FOXO3 gene is part of the trigger mechanism that results in follicle activation and is an essential negative regulator of this process.
The CZ 75 TS features fixed target sights, o factory tuned single action trigger mechanism, a lightweight polymer match trigger with adjustments for take-up and overt-ravel.
More than one individual would have to go to their local councillor and win his or her backing for the trigger mechanism to be used under the propsed new regulations.
"Businesses have to consider their options carefully ( either to develop a consultation system in preparation for the new regulations or wait for the trigger mechanism which requires at least 10pc of the workforce to petition before the regulations apply.
Manual safety devices, operated by the shooter, generally block the hammer from contacting the firing pin, disable the trigger mechanism, or perform both of these duties.