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any of numerous compressed deep-bodied tropical fishes with sandpapery skin and erectile spines in the first dorsal fin

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Two wrasse, a mullet and a trigger fish gave Zac Williams 1.
Often different classes of lures trigger fish in different situations.
They were Titan Trigger Fish, so the dog became "Trigger".
A jiggle also is subtle enough to be used to trigger fish at the end of a lift-fall-hold, as part of a sequence that includes some nods or as a movement all by itself.
Arthur, who has also written episodes of the BBC's Casualty and the TV series Harry, is about to finish a script for a feature film which he was commissioned to do by London-based company Trigger Fish Productions.
IF IT LOOKS like an overblown rugby football, with a beaky mouth like a parrot and a nasty look in its eye, you've got a big trigger fish.
The bill asks that the fish, also known as the rectangular trigger fish, be named the official fish of Hawaii.
Mike, a tropical fish enthusiast since the age of 14, gave him a new home, where he also kept a variety of other species including piranhas, lionfish and trigger fish.
It was the second day of four on the Perhentian Islands, located a few kilometres off the eastern coast of the Malaysian Peninsula and already, in the space of a couple of hours, we'd seen green turtles, Napoleon wrasse, reef sharks, trigger fish and stingrays, as well as the nameless milieu.
The catch follows the discovery of semi-tropical scorpion fish and trigger fish in Cornwall.
Bring your pool to life with colorful, lifelike Rainbow Reef Magic-Action Trigger Fish ($15.
Claire Murray introduces the Garden Faeries Collection of playful characters, as well as adds patterns to existing hand-hooked and handtufted collections, including: Claire's Basket, Tang Fish, Trigger Fish, Clown Fish, Potted Primrose and Nantucket Cottage
In November of 1998, Booklines gave birth to the Hawaiian Collectible green sea turtle or honu, humpback whale, gecko, and trigger fish or humuhumunukunukuapuaa.
How to give life to your fly and trigger fish to strike