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Synonyms for trig

to make neat and trim; make presentable

Synonyms for trig

the mathematics of triangles and trigonometric functions

neat and smart in appearance

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The trig point and its 'toposcope' is used by walkers to navigate the view at the popular area of natural beauty - and the plaque points out key landmarks including Chequers, the Dunstable Downs and on a clear day even The Cotswolds.
11 Head west and follow either of the paths from the trig point, they will lead you to the other side of the summit and the best picnic location on the Jurassic Coast.
It begins in the little town of Alvechurch and continues through Scarfields Dingle to a trig point from where the distant Malvern Hills can be seen.
After passing the trig point (109m), you reach a stile into woodland.
This generally runs below the top of a steep slope,gradually climbing to a trig point on Raw Head Hill.
There are, however, exceptions when the graffiti is artistic, amusing, or ironic, and Karl Striker's latest creation on Roseberry Topping's triangulation pillar (trig point) fills all three criteria.
3 The trig point marks the start of a steep descent to Hillend Campsite.
After holding the torch aloft he was persuaded to climb onto the trig point which marks the 3,560-foot summit and holding the torch aloft again.
Both received the new trophies made for the event comprising an Ordinance Survey Trig Point Flush Bracket, obtained through the generosity of the Ordnance Survey, mounted on a hardwood plinth funded by Andy Plummer - organiser of the Trunce race series.
Besides the trig point there is a memorial to a bomber crew that crashed in World War II.
There's a trig point standing about every five kilometres as you move across Britain, and tracking them has allowed me to arrive in places I would otherwise never have seen.
The trig point should be a few yards to your right.
Street artist Karl Striker's latest creation has found pride of place on Roseberry Topping's Trig Point. Which Nick Park character now looks out over stunning views?