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a floating or creeping Indian lettuce having terminal racemes of pale rose flowers

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Sin embargo, Mohammed et al., (2002) y Nakano et al., (2004) en estatice (Limonium bellidifolium) y lirios (Tricyrtis spp.) encontraron que los embriones somaticos en etapa cotiledonal germinaron despues de dos a tres dias sobre medio basal MS carente de sacarosa y reguladores de crecimiento.
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from callus culture of several species in the genus Tricyrtis. In Vitro Cell.
Rudall 29), Ecdeiocolea monostachya (Dixon KD803), Hanguana malayana (Bogner s.n.), Lanaria lanata (Goldblatt s.n.), Tricyrtis latifolia (HK s.n.).
Orbicules (or Ubisch bodies), which are composed of sporopollenin, were found in Tricyrtis, Lanaria, Cyanastrum, and Dianella [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 56 OMITTED], and possibly Lapageria [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 39-41 OMITTED].
The oddly named Toad Lily (Tricyrtis hirta) is a good subject for adding interest, the spots on its elegant petals jumping at you like the watery amphibian to which its name alludes.
A reliable autumn subject is the tricyrtis formosana with its unusual, delicately spotted flowers.
Brighten up your borders with some lively Tricyrtis Blue Wonder.
The Tricyrtis Blue Wonder are this week's offer at www.
In the border, plants like tricyrtis (toad lilies) Japanese anemones, trilliums and arisaema (cobra lilies), romp through leafmould.
The Tricyrtis, or toad lilies, are in flower now and their quiet, fresh beauty contrasts with the clashing colours of autumn.
If the rbcL topology is correct (Chase et al., 1995a), there are apparently two tenuinucellate lineages (Table I)--(1) Alstroemeriaceae, Luzuriagaceae, some Uvulariaceae (Disporum, Uvularia), and Colchicaceae; (2) Liliaceae and other Uvulariaceae (Tricyrtis: Fig.
A Tricyrtis formosana, to give it its Sunday name, has the most exquisite flowers and is really easy to grow.
YOU can buy 10 Japanese toad lilies (Tricyrtis Hirta), with five free for just pounds 7.95.
THIS week's online offer is 10 Japanese toad lilies (Tricyrtis Hirta) for pounds 4.60, saving a third.
Several named forms are available, but the best is still the original tricyrtis formosana, which is also known as tricyrtis stolonifera.