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the fine spores that contain male gametes and that are borne by an anther in a flowering plant

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The pollen of Macroclinidium has a particular exine type, and some species of Ainsliaea have tricolpate pollen, which is unusual in Asteraceae with the Mutisia or the Ainsliaea exine type (Telleria et al.
Pollen spheroidal to prolate, medium to large size, tricolpate (e.
The unusual occurrence of tricolpate pollen within Mutisieae (Asteraceae).
A survey of tricolpate (eudicot) phylogenetic relationships.
The implications of tricolpate pollen in Gunnera have never been
The primitively microreticulate, tricolpate pollen of basal Saxifragaceae developed the bulging mesocolpia distinctive of Gunnera (cr.
from Scabiosaepollenites in being tricolpate, whereas the latter is
Pollen usually tricolpate to tricolporate, in tetrahedral tetrads, but these sometimes reduced, or occasionally in monads, sometimes associ ated with viscin threads.