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Population dynamics of the ectomycorrhizal fungal species Tricholoma populinum and Tricholoma scalpturatum associated with black poplar under differing environmental conditions.
tricholoma y Phillipsia dominguensis han sido citadas previamente en estudios de macromicetos realizados en el estado (Perez-Silva, 1952; Cappello-Garcia y Hernandez-Trejo, 1990; Medel et al., 1999; San Martin et al., 1999; Lopez-Bonilla y Cappello-Garcia, 2000; Cappello-Garcia, 2006; Capello-Garcia et al., 2011), mientras que las especies Cookeina tricholoma, Ophiocordyceps sphecocephala (Klotzsch ex Berk.) G.H.
TML-1 and TML-2 are lectins from the mushroom Tricholoma mongolicum, which induced the Th1 response through the activation of macrophages from lectin-treated mice, and stimulated the production of nitrite ion and cytokine tumor necrosis factor (TNF) by macrophages.
Kim, "Volatiles and key odorants in the pileus and stipe of pine-mushroom (Tricholoma matsutake Sing.)," Food Chemistry, vol.
Besides the gene sequences studied, four ITS gene sequences isolates from other Leucoagaricus species obtained from GenBank <> to form the out group were used, including: Leucoagaricus barssii (GQ329062) Leucoagaricus hortensis (AF482843) and Tricholoma caligatum (AF319425).
Wang, "Hypoglycemic activity of the fungi Cordyceps militaris, Cordyceps sinensis, Tricholoma mongolicum, and Omphalia lapidescens in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats," Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, vol.
In vivo studies have shown that the lectin isolated from Tricholoma mongolicum can directly reduce the mean arterial blood pressure in rat (Wang et al., 1996).
Mushrooms such as Agaricus, Boletus, Entoloma, Gomphus, Hebeloma, Russula, Scleroderma and Tricholoma are claimed as gastrointestinal irritants although the toxic principles involved are unknown [4].
Vidari, "Columbetdione, a new cyclopentene derivative from the fruiting bodies of Tricholoma columbetta (basidiomycetes)--structure and synthesis," European Journal of Organic Chemistry, no.
For instance, random amplified polymorphic DNA markers were used to study the diversity of Tricholoma matsutake (Bao et al., 2007; Nazrul and Bian, 2010a; Tonk et al., 2011).