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infestation by trichina larvae that are transmitted by eating inadequately cooked meat (especially pork)

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The three patients received diagnoses of laboratory-confirmed (patients A and C) or probable (patient B) trichinellosis and were prescribed albendazole, an antiparasitic drug recommended for treatment of trichinellosis*; patient A also received prednisone.
New trends and clinical patterns of human trichinellosis in Russia at the beginning of the XXI century.
Trichinellosis used to be but was removed from the list in 2000, though it is still notifiable in most provinces and territories.
Los cerdos no presentan sintomas propios de la trichinellosis, excepto los animales inmunodeprimidos infectados con altas cargas larvales que pueden padecer fiebre, edema peri orbitario, disnea, menor conversion y reduccion en la ganancia de peso en un 20% a 40% (1, 3, 11)
Trichinellosis (Trichiniasis, Trichinosis), In Control of communicable diseases manual (17th ed.
As a member of the International Commission on Trichinellosis, Gamble has served as liaison between the on-farm certification program committee and the international community.
21-24 10th Conference on Trichinellosis Fointainbleu--
We are also aware of outbreaks of trichinellosis in France affecting the human population (Sunday Telegraph, December 13, 1998) and of similar outbreaks affecting horses in Bavaria last year.
Consumption of raw pig products is associated with trichinellosis and Streptococcus suis meningitis in humans in Vietnam (6-8).
On March 6, 2013, the Cook County Department of Public Health (Chicago, Illinois) contacted the Illinois Department of Public Health regarding a diagnosis of trichinellosis in a patient who had consumed wild boar and deer meat obtained by hunting at a Missouri ranch January 16-18.
La triquinosis o trichinellosis es una enfermedad parasitaria zoonotica producida por un nematodo llamado Trichinella, se transmite por carnivorismo (4, 20); el ciclo cerdo/hombre es el que reviste mayor importancia epidemiologica (16,25).
On page 20, under Trichinellosis, the first sentence should read: "No outbreaks were reported in 2010, which marks the first year since 2004 that only isolated cases were reported (1-3).
Since the mid-19th century, trichinellosis has been a well-recognized meat-borne zoonosis; however, despite concerted control efforts, it remains a threat in many countries.
With some zoonotic infections, such as in this issue trichinellosis and swine brucellosis, infected pigs continue to be a threat.