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Tribulus terrestris versus placebo in the treatment of erectile dysfunction: A prospective, randomized, double blind study.
Tribulus terrestris (tribulus) has long been attributed to influencing libido and boosting sex drive in humans according to traditional herbal medicine texts.
In an open study 50 menopausal women (both natural and surgically induced) were first given placebo followed by a standardised extract of Tribulus terrestris leaf (dosage range of 500-750 mg/day) containing not less than 45% steroidal saponins (Zarkova 1983).
Yet in the '80s, tribulus terrestris was shown to cause a neurodegenerative condition in sheep called staggering disease, not to mention liver damage and much else.
For testosterone support, she employs goji berries, ginseng, mucuna, zinc, magnesium, arginine with vitamin E, tribulus, and mushrooms.
Used in weak vision, complaints of stomach, chest and liver also for suppression of urine and menstruation Tribulus terrestris Linn.
Furthermore, the alkaloid hormone isolated from Tribulus terrestris is supposed to he mildly sedating and affect the locomotor activity in sheep (Bourke et al.
X ZYGOPHYLLACEAE (Caltrop Family) Tribulus terrestris L.
Extracts of the herb Tribulus terrestris have also been used to manage the symptoms of low testosterone levels.
The methanol: water (1:1) extracts of Strombus marginatus (23), methanol: dichloromethane (1:1) extract of Cronia margariticola (28), methanol extracts of Bufonaria rana (47), Turbo bruneus (7), and acetone extract of Murex tribulus (30) exhibited activity against more than 60% of bacteria (Table 1).
The research: A Bulgarian supplement manufacturer is the world's main source of research (all of it unpublished) and claims about Tribulus.
CONTAINS tribulus terestris, which helps elevate testosterone levels by increasing natural production of luteinising hormone (LH) which is responsible for telling the body to produce testosterone.
Created by MediHerb, leading herbal products manufacturer in Australia, the Endocrine Essentials range includes: Adrenal Complex, the newest herbal supplement from MediHerb, Withania Complex, Coleus Forte, Chaste Tree, Wild Yam Complex, Thyroid Complex, Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex, Tribulus, Gymnema 4g, and Eleuthero.