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Synonyms for tribulation

Synonyms for tribulation

something hard to bear physically or emotionally

a state of pain or anguish that tests one's resiliency and character

Synonyms for tribulation

an annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event

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His own long and unhappy experience had convinced him that life is for the most part a painful tribulation, to be endured with as much patience and courage as possible, under the consciousness of the duty of doing our best where God has put us and in the hope (though with Johnson not a confident hope) that we shall find our reward in another world.
I see," says the palmist, "a great deal of sorrow and tribulation with one whom ye cannot forget.
It was": thus is the Will's teeth-gnashing and lonesomest tribulation called.
Not backward can the Will will; that it cannot break time and time's desire--that is the Will's lonesomest tribulation.
Willing emancipateth: what doth Willing itself devise in order to get free from its tribulation and mock at its prison?
I may regard my profession from a point of view which teaches me that its first duty is towards those who are in necessity and tribulation, who are desolate and oppressed,' said Mr.
While imitating the movements of his companions, and toiling his way upward with the utmost caution, and not without great inward tribulation, the eye of the naturalist had caught a glimpse of an unknown plant, a few yards above his head, and in a situation more than commonly exposed to the missiles which the girls were unceasingly hurling in the direction of the assailants.
I was careful to attempt nothing in the lace chamber, but tumbled their goods pretty much to spend time; then bought a few yards of edging and paid for it, and came away very sad-hearted indeed for the poor woman, who was in tribulation for what I only had stolen.
It was tribulation I sought at the bottom of it, tears and tribulation, and have found it, and I have tasted it; but He will pity us Who has had pity on all men, Who has understood all men and all things, He is the One, He too is the judge.
The trials and tribulations of a fledgling trainer ?
But women were the least of his problems as he regaled his audience with the trials and tribulations of being young, gay and predominantly single.
com)-- Spirited Soul Productions is proud to announce the highly anticipated Florida premiere of the hit Gospel Stage Play “Trials and Tribulations, Silhouettes of a Woman's Story.
TRIBULATIONS begins with a bang: an asteroid storm has obliterated Earth, and Billy and Linda West have built enough space-going arks to save a number of humans who roam the universe searching for a new home.
Summary: The trials and tribulations of Lindsay Lohan continue after the star posted on Twitter that she had failed a court-ordered drug test.
Nawaz Sharif said that Punjab Government would extend full support to the flood affected people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and they will not be left alone in this hour of need and tribulations.