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a reservation set aside for the use of Indians

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348) The lands at issue in Kimball were former tribal reservation lands, which had been transferred out of tribal ownership through the congressional termination of the Tribes.
Affluent neighbors of the tribal reservation say that hundreds of cars traversing their 2-1/2 miles of narrow, winding road day and night will create severe fire hazards and bring congestion to their rural area.
Federally designated as wilderness in 1988, ShiShi Beach lies at the northernmost point of the 57-mile-long Olympic coast just south of the Makah tribal reservation.
The skunk offered the same truth about the tribal reservation land: "This aint' real estate.
Tribal reservation Indians still run into a cultural buzz-saw when they leave their rural communities for sprawling urban campuses.
The Chumash tribe broke ground on the project in a ceremony on the tribal reservation after the bond issue was completed.
On the first anniversary of the startup of the Mescalero Apache community's telephone company, MATI announced that it will make Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service available to every house on the tribal reservation.
Presolicitation: Fresh fruits & vegetables for usda school and tribal reservation customers in the state of oregon & parts of washington zone
The Tribe is issuing the bonds to refinance up to $90 million of commercial paper, to finance construction of a Native American Museum and to fund supporting infrastructure projects on the tribal reservation.
Hazardous substances grant funds will be used to clean up six residential properties on the Coeur d Alene Tribal Reservation.
North Dakotas Native children are full of potential, and I see their desire to thrive when I visit tribal reservations across our state but I also see the heartbreaking disparities in opportunity that exist, said Heitkamp.
The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe was approved for $377,772 to develop a telehealth system that will serve nine partner sites, including three telepharmacy dispensers at tribal health clinics on the Walker River Paiute, Duckwater Shoshone and Fort McDermitt tribal reservations.
He urged the chief election commissioner to allay tribal reservations over voters list and constituency forming of NA-45, and while lauding the patriotic stance of tribals stressed on impartial and judicious functioning of NADRA (National Database Registration Authority), there.
Each college was located in an economically distressed part of the United States--Appalachia, the Delta/South region, the Southwest, and tribal reservations of the Northern Plains.
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