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from 230 million to 190 million years ago

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The secondary exploration target was for investigating additional resources in Lower to Middle Jurassic reservoir rocks (the Statfjord and Brent Group) and Upper Triassic reservoir rocks (the Lunde formation).
Second, they comprise one of only two sequences of fully continental tetrapod assemblages spanning the Middle Triassic through Early Jurassic (the other being in the American Southwest).
says that the oldest pterosaurs come from the Late Triassic, making them 225 million to 230 million years old.
Baguel produces from Middle Triassic Kirchaou sands at a depth of 2,460 m.
The researchers looked at the global distribution of predatory marine vertebrates and their body size in the Early and Middle Triassic and came to surprising conclusions.
Triassic hydrocarbons in north-eastern Syria, north-western Iraq and south-eastern Turkey are sourced from inter-bedded shales in the Mesopotamian Fore-deep.
It has thus been concluded that Early Triassic deposits in the study area consisted of two parts: clastic (lower part) and carbonate (upper part), generally being equivalent to the Shotori Formation.
We can reasonably apply similar limitations to the Triassic thoracopterids and we suggest that Potanichthys adds a new datum supporting a generally hot climate in the Middle Triassic eastern Paleotethys Ocean," Xu said.
The family Xenopteridae was described by Riek (1955) for a tegmen from the Upper Triassic of Australia.
Summary: Candax has entered into an agreement with Dana Gas, whereby Dana Gas will relinquish its optional rights to participate in future wells targeting the Deep Triassic zone below the currently producing Cretaceous and Jurassic zones in the El Bibane and Ezzaouia concessions in Tunisia.
TRIASSIC, the dam of So You Think, is at the centre of a legal battle which prevented the Group 2-winning daughter of Tights from being covered last season, according to the stuff.
Under a JV deal with Sonatrach signed in May 2000, the US independent Amerada Hess got the EOR and re-development projects in three oil producing fields: the El Gassi oil and gas unit, found in 1972, which produces from a Triassic Fm; the nearby El Agreb, a small field found in 1970 producing oil from an Ordovician/Pre-Triassic Fm; and Zotti, another small field.
The volcanic crisis hit at the end of the Triassic period, when all of Earth's continents huddled together in a single landmass called Pangaea.
1) well, located in the Ghadames Basin on Block 208, was drilled to a total depth of 14,859 feet (4,529 meters) and encountered more than 230 feet (70 meters) of net hydrocarbon pay from various Triassic and Devonian sandstones.
1, which is located on the north-east flank of the structure, indicated oil pay at the Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic horizons but was left untested by the Soviets.