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from 230 million to 190 million years ago

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The well was drilled to a vertical depth of 1468 metres below the sea surface, and was terminated in presumed Middle to Late Triassic reservoir rocks (Snadd or Kobbe formation).
The Ammonite fauna from the Lower Triassic Mianwali Formation shows at least two episodes of radiation-extinction in the time interval from the Griesbachian to the early Spathian: within just three-to-four million years' time span.
The Triassic Media Group, a B2B content development and editorial company dedicated to helping other companies grow their business, is moving to downtown Tampa
Dinosaurs first evolved during the Late Triassic nearly 230,000,000 years ago.
Baguel produces from Middle Triassic Kirchaou sands at a depth of 2,460 m.
Triassic hydrocarbons in north-eastern Syria, north-western Iraq and south-eastern Turkey are sourced from inter-bedded shales in the Mesopotamian fore-deep.
Its morphology is not compatible with other Iberian Triassic sauropterygians, so it cannot be assigned to any of the previously identified taxa in the Iberian Peninsula.
Mianwali Formation represents the lower most Triassic strata of the Salt Range, Pakistan.
Second, they comprise one of only two sequences of fully continental tetrapod assemblages spanning the Middle Triassic through Early Jurassic (the other being in the American Southwest).
The article itself notes that this discovery pushes back the fossil record 'for this type of pterosaur' by more than 5 million years; the pterosaurs as a whole--the order of extinct flying reptiles--go back significantly earlier, to the late Triassic period.
A Swiss-American team of palaeontologists headed by Torsten Scheyer and Carlo Romano from the University of Zurich demonstrate in their new study that the food nets during the Early Triassic did not recover in stages.
This preliminary assessment on the subject focuses on the Triassic record of North America.
Periods of the Mesozoic Era Examples of Dinosaurs PERIOD From That Period Description Triassic The doglike, meat-eating The first dinosaurs Cynognothus; the long- appeared near the 251 million to necked, plant-eating end of this period.
Oil and natural gas shows were noted over an extensive gross interval of both Jurassic and Triassic reservoirs from 5,800 feet to total depth.
But the present study documents flowering plant-like pollen that is 100 million years older, implying that flowering plants may have originated in the Early Triassic (between 252 to 247 million years ago) or even earlier.