Triangulum Australe

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a small bright constellation in the polar region of the southern hemisphere near Circinus and Apus

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The best-known by far, and pre-eminently the most outstanding, is the Triangulum Australe constellation, which definitely displays the shape most excellently.
Continuing our southern voyage, we find the two latter constellations adjoined by Triangulum Australe (the Southern Triangle), introduced by Johann Bayer in 1603.
Above the Pointers is an obvious equilateral triangle of stars, Triangulum Australe.
The star, known as IRAS 15445-5449, is in the process of becoming a planetary nebula, and lies 23,000 light-years away in the southern constellation Triangulum Australe (the Southern Triangle).
Two of these (NGC 6067 and 6087) lie entirely within Norma, while the third (NGC 6025) is shared with Triangulum Australe.