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a lightweight dome constructed of interlocking polygons

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Figure 5 represents the two-dimensional circular mesh diagram formed by the triangular element for the FEM solution of the forward model.
After several triangular elements [13, 14] with vertex rigid rotational freedom are proposed, the quadrilateral membrane elements including corner rotations have been developed by Allman [15] and MacNeal and Harder [16] as well.
So far, there exist triangular elements of degree 2 [1], 3 [2, 3], 4 [4], and 5 [5] on the edges, as well as tetrahedral elements of degree 2 [4] and 3 [5].
For example, as for triangular elements, the number of share-edged elements is no more than 2, but that of share-nodded elements may be more.
Consider a flat triangular element with the corners defined by the coordinates {[x.
The finite elements of the 2D3D model have similar properties as the standard 2D triangular elements in its cross-section.
The region is divided into a finite number of three node triangular elements, in each of which the element equation is derived using Galerkin weighted residual method.
An improved triangular element with drilling rotations.
n], we need a parameterization of each such triangular element with respect to a standard reference triangle in the plane, namely the unit simplex
of Nevada Los Vegas) and Heinrich (engineering, U, of new Mexico) cover the method of weighted residuals and Galerkin approximations, the finite element methods in one dimension, the two- dimensional triangular element, two-dimensional quadrilateral element, isoparametric two-dimensional elements, three-dimensional elements, finite elements in solid mechanics, and applications to convective transport and viscous fluid flow.
For the three node triangular element, the integration is carried out in closed form rather than by numerical integration.
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