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a supporting tower used to support a bridge

sawhorses used in pairs to support a horizontal tabletop

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Alleyne bore his share and his ale-mug away with him to a retired trestle in the corner, where he could sup in peace and watch the strange scene, which was so different to those silent and well-ordered meals to which he was accustomed.
At the very instant, at the first sound of his voice, to carry on the Virgilian metaphor, D'Artagnan's recruits, recognizing each his sovereign lord, discontinued their plank-fighting and trestle blows.
And there I was, sitting, legs dangling, not knowing where I was, on a trestle or a flat, when the thing happened.
In the middle was a narrow table of teak on trestle legs, with two supporting bars of iron, of the kind called in Spain mesa de hieraje.
Now they looked out into great abysses, a trestle purring beneath their tread, or up to rocks that barred out half the stars.
This related to alleged unlicensed depositing of oyster trestles on a privately owned area of Whitstable Beach by the Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company or its manager Mr Green.
All repaired trestles are located on the "Oil Rocks".
The supercomputer not only puts traditional desktop computers and laptops to shame--the UA said Trestles has 8,192 processing cores compared with your computer's four--but it also out-guns the university's current supercomputer.
THE first trestles of the jetty at the y under-construction oil storage terminal of VTTV at Vasiliko have been installed, it was announced on Monday.
Hunter added: "We will set out a couple of trestles when the fence in front of the stands has been jumped for the last time, but there are no other changes apart from jiggling about with a couple of bends, where there is some soggy ground.
Flying Trestles, owned and operated by Colin Sutherland for the last 23 years, has welcomed new business partner David Arnold.
Alec Brycelend, Muirhead's Engineering Manager, first contacted NU-STAR in May 2003 with a requirement to reduce the manpower required to move the 2,000kg trestles in the tanning process.
AaThe project was awarded to Nico by Interbeton (currently being rebranded as BAM International), Abu Dhabi, in November last year for the design, fabrication and installation of offshore trestles and pipes.
Superbly illustrated throughout with color photography, "North American Railroad Bridges" by railroad historian Brian Solomon focuses upon railroad bridges and trestles that have been a feature (and often a quite dramatic feature) of the American landscape for the past century.
LIVERPOOL trio The Trestles play The Cavern Club tomorrow, the boys' first big gig since recording a new demo.