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a supporting tower used to support a bridge

sawhorses used in pairs to support a horizontal tabletop

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Alleyne bore his share and his ale-mug away with him to a retired trestle in the corner, where he could sup in peace and watch the strange scene, which was so different to those silent and well-ordered meals to which he was accustomed.
At the very instant, at the first sound of his voice, to carry on the Virgilian metaphor, D'Artagnan's recruits, recognizing each his sovereign lord, discontinued their plank-fighting and trestle blows.
It was a collision on a high trestle. The train crumpled up, and some of the cars fell over sideways and fell off, ninety feet into the bottom of a dry creek.
"And there I was, sitting, legs dangling, not knowing where I was, on a trestle or a flat, when the thing happened.
In the middle was a narrow table of teak on trestle legs, with two supporting bars of iron, of the kind called in Spain mesa de hieraje.
Now they looked out into great abysses, a trestle purring beneath their tread, or up to rocks that barred out half the stars.
Ba 2: - 510 m 3 excavation, - 126 m 2 starboard floor slab, - 170 m 2 ks masonry, - 200 m 2 concrete masonry masonry, - 450 m 2 brickwork, - 60 m trestles, - 180 m 2 hr ceilings, - 140 m starboard parapet, - 120 stb ring anchors, - 35 m starboard floor ramp.
Securities and Exchange Commission, assigned the following rating and Rating Outlook to Trestles CLO II, Ltd.: --$320,000,000 class A-1 notes 'AAAsf'; Outlook Stable.
Cohn's Trestle Glen Vineyards property takes its name from the many old train trestles remaining from the narrow-gauge railroad that ran from the city of Sonoma to Santa Rosa along Sonoma Creek in the late 1800s.
Replacement of the wood flume trestles was included in the 1995 Comprehensive Water Conservation Plan and again in the 2007 Modernization Plan.
The university announced this month that the Arkansas High Performance Computing Center would receive the "Trestles" computer cluster from the Supercomputer Center at the University of California, San Diego.
All feature vegetated shorelines and docks, bridges, even Florida East Coast Railroad trestles. As you near the mouths of these drainages, mullet also become major forage.
THE first trestles of the jetty at the y under-construction oil storage terminal of VTTV at Vasiliko have been installed, it was announced on Monday.
Hunter added: "We will set out a couple of trestles when the fence in front of the stands has been jumped for the last time, but there are no other changes apart from jiggling about with a couple of bends, where there is some soggy ground.
Slater outdueled Australian Joel Parkinson in the two man final in three to five foot surf at the Lower Trestles beach in California.