trench warfare

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a struggle (usually prolonged) between competing entities in which neither side is able to win

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a type of armed combat in which the opposing troops fight from trenches that face each other

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When it became apparent that Hitler meant to launch a war, Stauffenberg was astonished that a man who had fought at the front in the Great War, and who many times had spoken eloquently of the horrors of trench war, would deliberately risk another world conflict.
It's too ludicrous for any rational mind to contemplate, but this is the trench war reality of the hostility that generates that 35-mile stretch of the motorway.
But it was their testing in World War I, in the hope of breaking the trench war stalemate that showed both the potential and limitations of the airplane.
During a February 2001 ceremony in France honoring the men of the 369th, retired French Army General Ivan Dujon recalled how they "suffered heavy casualties; many were killed but they never had a prisoner taken and never lost a foot of ground during the trench war.
The color action photos presented here were taken at the Great War Association's trench war reenactment site near Shimpstown, Penn.
Unfortunately, the controversy over Prop 209 shows that the sensible middle way is likely to turn into a deserted, cratered no-man's-land in the political trench war between the demagogues of the right and the demagogues of the left.
As module makers prepare for a renewed trench war based on production scale, inverter players aim to stake their competitive territory based on performance improvements and novel architectures.