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The Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem (MTSP) and the Multiagent Planning Problem are notoriously difficult to solve due to their combinatorial nature (they are NP-hard).
and Enkawa T.: "Competition-based neural network for the multiple traveling salesmen problem with minmax objective".
Traveling salesmen are always on the move, looking to stay on schedule and get as much done as they can.
While the companies make claims based on slightly different scientific principles, I cannot help thinking that they are modern versions of yesteryear's traveling salesmen, peddling aphrodisiacs, pick-me-ups, and cures for venereal diseases and sexual dysfunction.
The collection, which is available exclusively at Fishs Eddy stores, was inspired by vintage traveling salesmen's samples from the Fishs Eddy archives.
After all, he had implied during the hearing, it would be a shame to open a "Pandora's Box" that might allow traveling salesmen, neighborhood ice cream truck drivers, and others to defend their lives like Lutters.