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Synonyms for traumatize

Synonyms for traumatize

to inflict physical or mental injury or distress on


Synonyms for traumatize

inflict a trauma upon

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I have been left traumatised by this and I have had to have time off work.
But the raiders, one possibly armed with a crowbar, left them traumatised.
Andrew and Julia have been left with a pounds 700 vet's bill and no way of redress as they cannot trace the owner of the Staffordshire Bull terrier which terrorised their dog and left them traumatised.
What he forgets is that people here are traumatised, that is why they are in Britain.
The victim has been left traumatised by these unprovoked actions.
But pupils began fainting and the actress said: "I swear it traumatised me to this day.
A CORONER'S officer who claims he was traumatised by dealing with dead bodies has issued a writ against Norfolk police, it emerged yesterday.
But he added he was already a very timid dog and his two-week ordeal has left him shocked and traumatised.
COPS are probing whether the same armed gang was behind two violent robberies in Co Down which left one man in hospital and the victims severely traumatised.
Another 90-year-old woman has been traumatised after her home was burgled as she slept.
CHILDREN traumatised by domestic violence were to have a safe haven after a refuge was named winner of the fourth annual Making a Difference Awards.
He was comfortable with it but was traumatised by what he read.
After getting raped by Dean in last night's shocking scenes, Linda is traumatised and trying to tell him what happened.
MARTIN McGuinness has said his mother was left traumatised after discovering that he was in the IRA when he left a beret in the house.
Detective Supt Tim Keelan said: "This is a despicable attack on a vulnerable lady in her own home and she has been greatly traumatised by the ordeal.