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Synonyms for traumatize

Synonyms for traumatize

to inflict physical or mental injury or distress on


Synonyms for traumatize

inflict a trauma upon

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The man didn't receive any physical injuries but he was left traumatised by the incident.
In a Facebook post Chloe Price wrote: "My children have been left absolutely traumatised and covered in bruises.
Mike said: "Our car has been written off and my daughter is so traumatised that she won't get into a car.
A very sad and traumatised reader, address supplied
The woman, in her 50s, was left traumatised by yesterday's attack on The Millbank Inn in Grange Road, Rhyl at 4.
London, May 11 ( ANI ): Former Chelsea star Claude Makelele has been accused by a British woman for punching her in the face and leaving her traumatised after that.
Summary: Traumatised youths rescued from the shooting spree on Utoya island asked rescue workers "are you going to shoot me?
The founder of the Barratt Homes empire was left traumatised after the balaclava-clad trio stormed in during daylight.
They take their pet out on a lead for a quiet walk and are left bewildered and traumatised when another animal savages their dog.
If there is anyone who has been traumatised, it is me," he answered.
He said: "The victim has been left severely traumatised.
It was this fundamental fact, the acknowledgement of the central facticity that humans are relational, and moreover, that this intersubjectivity could be worked with differently in traumatised relationships, that whetted my appetite.
But pupils began fainting and the actress said: "I swear it traumatised me to this day.
A CORONER'S officer who claims he was traumatised by dealing with dead bodies has issued a writ against Norfolk police, it emerged yesterday.
But he added he was already a very timid dog and his two-week ordeal has left him shocked and traumatised.