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a rotating shaft that transmits power from the engine to the point of application

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the trim covering the transmission tunnel in the centre of the vehicle came loose.
With a transmission tunnel running through the car the 1 Series is still a bit more cramped in the back than something like a Golf
Diyarbakyr Governor HE-seyin Aksoy said the explosion at the water transmission tunnel took place due to gas being trapped, according to initial findings.
Even the steering wheel and headlining come in a suede-like finish and the bank of chrome switches on the transmission tunnel and above the driver's head conjure up an image of an aircraft cockpit rather than a car.
It is still a problem to seat five though due to the high transmission tunnel.
It means there's room for three in the back, though the centre rear passenger has legs either side of the transmission tunnel and boot space is OK too.
In the afternoon session, a technical tour was arranged to the site of Suruc Tunnel project--the world's fifth longest water transmission tunnel under construction in Sanliurfa, TR.
Inspired by Charles Stewart Rolls and the legend of the Schneider Trophy-winning Supermarine S6B (powered by a Rolls-Royce R Type engine) of the early 1930s, the car includes an aluminium transmission tunnel, mahogany veneer and Thommen a aviation grade clock.
Push a button on the transmission tunnel and a built-in wind deflector now automatically moves into place behind your head so you are not blown around too much at speed.
Another niggle is that the centre rear passenger is both perched and forced to stretch legs either side of the transmission tunnel - however, that's true of many other cars.
It includes a new water transmission tunnel parallel to the existing Irvington Tunnel in Fremont, California.
A chassis is placed on the GridLOK measuring area, the coordinate system for the chassis is determined, and then measurement commences, starting at the front firewall, and including the intrusion plate, floorboard, fuel cell walls, oil casement, frame rails, transmission tunnel, and driveshaft tunnel.
The Qashqai is smaller than a typical compact SUV, taking up no more road space than a Ford Focus but, thanks to styling similarities with its larger Nissan Murano stablemate, the Qashqai still looks assertive and, while perhaps not quite as roomy in the rear as some rivals due in part to the intrusive transmission tunnel, there are plenty of storage places.
The dash mount eliminates the transmission tunnel which in turn, allows walk through access to the rear cabin.
Leg and headroom up front is generous, but tight in the back where the transmission tunnel interferes with space for a middle passenger, making comfort in that position impossible.
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