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Synonyms for transsexual

a person who has undergone a sex change operation


a person whose sexual identification is entirely with the opposite sex

overwhelmingly desirous of being, or completely identifying with, the opposite sex

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For example, under the heading "Sexual Disorders," Senator Armstrong objected to the holdings of two cases that acknowledged that "transexualism" and "transvestism," respectively, were covered "disabilities"' under the Rehabilitation Act.
It is important to note that most of the children who met criteria for gender identity disorder in childhood presented in adulthood homosexual or bisexual sexual orientation, or what is still called gender identity disorder of adults (302.85) according to DSM-IV-TR, or its equivalent in transexualism (F64.0), non-fetishistic transvestism (F64.1) according to ICD-10 (27-30).
Indeed, the category confusion between transvestism / transexualism implied by Thetis' speech takes on a further twist in the succeeding passage; as Statius sets Thetis up as divine agent in an Ovidian-style metamorphosis the suggestion of bodily change intensifies.
The issues surrounding change of gender and transexualism bleed into the issues surrounding gay marriage.
See my "Toward an Art of Transvestism." In Carlos Varo's Rosa Mystica transvestism, or rather transexualism, is figured as an aesthetic (and ascetic) discipline through which abjection becomes a sort of miracle, the ecstatic, if fanciful (and even campy) vision of the divine.
This is in sharp contrast to the professional literature on transvestitism and transexualism which usually cites vastly more males than females in these categories.
Bailey, in his recent book about effeminate men (The Man Who Would Be Queen: the Science of Gender-Bending and Transexualism), notes the great difficulty of finding out about the sex lives of Americans today, even with our ability to conduct ambitious surveys costing millions of dollars and involving thousands of subjects.
If that is so, these lesbians are the only ones to pay for the privilege of being lesbians, and the more likely explanation is that capitalism will capitalise on every want and desire and will commodity even the operation for transexualism. Such desires can be fulfilled.