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structure forming the transverse part of a cruciform church

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Built in the mid-14th century, it was a collegiate church and is largely perpendicular in appearance with a crossing tower, transepts, clerestories to nave and chancel and aisles.
The interiors, especially the presbytery and the transepts, are heavily embellished.
But the worst example is Pearson's 'restoration' of the north transept of Westminster Abbey after he succeeded Gilbert Scott as Surveyor of the Fabric in 1879.
The two transepts are still open to the lounge dining area but have distinctly separate uses - one as a study, the other a snug.
The green carpet in both transepts has also been ripped up, while the entire interior of the church is covered in a coating of white dust from the police search.
George's towering columns and soaring transepts. "It's always nice to work in a place that looks bright and welcoming," he says.
The nave's irregular plan splays out at the altar to include the shallow transepts. Some walls stand as tall as 100ft (30.5m) with no intermediate supports and taper in width from one to five feet.
The church itself, whose foundation stone was set in 1856 and whose tower and transepts were added in the 1870s, is an elegant, neo-Gothic sandstone building, seating 700 in its hey day.
Bartholomew's Church, a protected structure, including the North Wall of Nave, The West Wall of Nave, the Vestry, the entire Tower, the renovation of the existing tower roof, the repair of the existing perimeter historic railings, a general mechanical and electrical upgrade of the Church, the re-arrangement of some of the timber pews and the provision of new loose furniture, the repair of the nave plaster, the repair and cleaning of the Chancel decorative scheme and the touch up repair and cleaning of the Nave and Transepts decorative scheme.
Its chancel, as well as the north and south aisles, and north and south transepts are all in need of repair.
Peter's carried on the work of the church in the extant third of the old building sealed off by an administrative wall from the construction site where the new transepts and dome were being built.
The remaining three pieces, suspended in the transepts, practically defy description.
Carey's programme also featured Andrew Johnstone's somewhat lacklustre arrangement of Irish Airs and Dances, his registrations exploiting east-west stereophony from pipework either side of the transepts to spectacular effect.