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In lower molars, Tragulus fold and Dorcatherium fold are present at the protoconid and metaconid, directed posteriorly and representing prominent S shape structure.
The lower molars represent the M structure (Dorcatherium fold and Tragulus fold) and this reflects the affinity with the family Tragulidae and the genus Dorcatherium.
PUPC 13/12 represents two unusual Dorcatherium folds and two Tragulus folds directed anteriorly (Fig.
2001), in having Dorcatherium fold, Tragulus fold and entoconidian groove.
In Middle Miocene, there is a variety of Dorcatherium in the Lower Siwalik Subgroup, having the basic pattern of Dorcatherium fold and Tragulus fold, but these species differ in size.
The relationship of the chevrotain, Tragulus javanicus to other Artiodactyla based on skeletal muscle antigens.
Afrotragulus Siamotragulus Yunnanotherium Moschiola and Tragulus teeth differ from the studied specimens in having flat cusps.
An osteometrical study of the cranium and mandible of the mouse deer (Chevrotain) Tragulus javanicus.
Morphology of the dorsal lingual papillae in the lesser mouse deer, Tragulus javanicus.
Payau Sambar deer Cervus unicolor Payu Bearcat / binturong Arctictis binturong Pelanuk Mouse deer Tragulus napu Ribuan Masked palm civet Paguma larvata Seruang Cobra Opyhiophagus sp.