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Uber die Tragulidae und ihre beziehungen zu den ubrigen Artiodactyla.
Tragulidae (Artiodactyla, Ruminantia) from the Middle Miocene Chinji Formation of Pakistan.
Fossil Tragulidae are mainly represented by the extinct genus Dorcatherium Kaup and Scholl 1834 with 22 recognized species during the MiocenePliocene (RAlssner 2007) exceeding by far the specific diversity of other genera such as Siamotragulus Thomas Ginsburg Hintong and Suteethorn 1990 Dorcabune Pilgrim 1910 and Yunnanotherium Han 1986.
The fauna mainly consists of Artiodactyla (Cervidae, Tragulidae, Giraffidae, Suidae), Perissodactyla (Equidae, Rhinocerotidae), Proboscidea (Trilophodon hasnotensis, Synconolophus dhokpathanensis) and Primates (Cercopethicoids) (Ghaffar et al.
Ruminantia comprises four families namely, Tragulidae, Cervidae, Bovidae and Giraffidae.
As noted by earlier researchers, this genus embraces the major part of the Miocene-Pliocene diversity of the Tragulidae, with 22 recognized species, exceeding other genera such as Siamotragulus, Dorcabune, Afrotragulus and Yunnanotherium by far in species diversity (ROssner, 2007; Quiralte et al.
Suborder Ruminantia Scopoli, 1777 Family Tragulidae Milne-Edwards, 1864 Genus DORCATHERIUM Kaup, 1833 Dorcatherium sp.