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a naval battle in 1805 off the southwest coast of Spain

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amp;nbsp; A short walk finds you at Trafalger Falls, the iconic twin waterfalls (one is hot and the other cold).
North Pomfret, VT: Trafalger Square/Harper Collins UK (800-423-4525), 2001.
Houlihan's Memorial Challenge Cup Round One: Beechwood 0 St John's Celtic 5 (DRodrigues,S Burgess 2,R Cearns,G Evans); Birkenhead Youth 0 Royal Sun Alliance 0; Cavendish 4 Stork MSC 2; Corsair 8 Ma Wrights 2; FC Beehive 3 (D Murphy 2,A Jones) Oxton Athletic 1; Heygarth United 3 Woodchurch 4 (P Hudson 3, K Murphy); Hornby/ Trafalger AFC 4 (C Lamb 2, R McGuire 2) Stirrup Sports & Social 1; Parkside 3 Saughall 0; Parkview 3 (LGibson 2,M Brett) Rangers Breaks 1; Queens Arms 2 The Yard 6(C Cartwright, Stafford 2,M Lowden,K Groom,D Evans); The Archers 3 (JTaylor,R Davin,G Roger) FC Vaults 2; Tranmere Victoria 2 (DGodden 2) Bidston Hill 0; Wirral Liberals 4 Sandbrook 2; Young Lions 7 Yard Athletic 2.
Muslims praying in Hyde Park yesterday (right) before joining the demonstration against the war when Bianca Jagger (left) mades a speech in Trafalger Square
On balmy evenings, as the ship sailed into wanner latitudes, Boyes wrote in his diary that the passengers relaxed on deck listening to the songs of the soldiers and sailors, lying stretched on deck near the mainmast where they `were opposing in friendly emulation the battles of Trafalger [sic] and the Nile to the Glories of the Peninsular and of the field of Waterloo'.
Prix Vermeille, while half-brother Trafalger (by Storm Bird) had high-class US form from six to eight furlongs.
Janet Trafalger of Calabasas requested a thick, hearty stew with plenty of meat that was easy to make.
What Myremell is alluding to is the fact that the QE2's parent company, Trafalger House, was sold two years ago, along with Cunard's entire fleet of ships, to a Norwegian company called Kverner.
That was torn down in the early 1980s by Trafalger House, which hoped to construct a new condominium and went so far as to construct a foundation.
Brock Lemiski worships at Trafalger, Oakville, Ont.
Scott Thomson, aged 24, of Trafalger House, Windsor Street, Coventry, making false representation to obtain social security and breach of a conditional discharge and one offence taken into consideration, conditional discharge for one year.