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a naval battle in 1805 off the southwest coast of Spain

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He hailed me at half-past nine in Trafalgar Square.
Soon I came upon the source of it, for in the center of a small clearing I found a lake--or a pool, rather, for it was not larger than the basin of the Trafalgar Square fountain--of some black, pitch-like stuff, the surface of which rose and fell in great blisters of bursting gas.
The class of power, the working heroes, the Cortez, the Nelson, the Napoleon, see that this is the festivity and permanent celebration of such as they; that fashion is funded talent; is Mexico, Marengo, and Trafalgar beaten out thin; that the brilliant names of fashion run back to just such busy names as their own, fifty or sixty years ago.
But before he had made his second circuit of the Crystal Palace towers, Fame was lifting her trumpet, she drew a deep breath as the startled tramps who sleep on the seats of Trafalgar Square were roused by his buzz and awoke to discover him circling the Nelson column, and by the time he had got to Birmingham, which place he crossed about half-past ten, her deafening blast was echoing throughout the country.
TRAFALGAR TREAT LONDON'S newest four-star property has made its official debut after a major makeover.
Overlooking the world-famous Trafalgar Square, The Trafalgar St.
Tartan Army chiefs have condemned the drunken behaviour of fans in Trafalgar Square which led to the desecration of a poppy day memorial.
Trafalgar Park in Wiltshire, a Grade I listed Georgian country house gifted to Admiral Lord Nelsons family to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar victory of 1805, has come to the market through estate agent Savills for 12 million.
The annual Trafalgar Day 'Toast the Admiral' event was held at the Collingwood Monument, in Tynemouth, on Wednesday.
International travel group The Travel Corporation (TTC), with over 25 award-winning brands such as Trafalgar's Guided Holidays, Insight Vacations, Contiki Holidays, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises and Red Carnation Hotels, has announced two management changes -- the return of Robin Yap as President of The Travel Corporation Asia, and Nick Lim taking on an expanded role at Trafalgar as President of Trafalgar Asia, as well as being promoted to President of The Travel Corporation India.
With February 14 just around the corner, we've teamed up with The Trafalgar Hotel so two winners can each treat their Valentine to a very romantic stay.
DEAR Editor, In the run-up to this year's Trafalgar celebrations the Birmingham Post published the results of some new research revealing the international composition of Nelson's crews with one in ten coming from overseas.
Thousands of police are on high alert for violent clashes and riots as students, socialists and anarchists prepare to mark Margaret Thatcher's death on Saturday 13 April in Trafalgar Square.
Trafalgar--the second novel by Argentine writer Ange1ica Gorodischer to appear in English--is anchored on the thinnest of premises: Trafalgar Medrano narrates his adventures as an interplanetary merchant to a skeptical but fascinated fictionalized stand-in for the author.
In 2005, Hurricane Wilma damaged Trafalgar at Greenacres (Trafalgar) shopping center, and a claim was submitted to Zurich American Insurance (Zurich).