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a token resembling a stamp given by a retailer to a buyer

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If an accrual method taxpayer issues trading stamps or premium coupons with sales, or an accrual method taxpayer is engaged in the business of selling trading stamps or premium coupons, and such stamps or coupons are redeemable by such taxpayer in merchandise, cash, or other property, the taxpayer should, in computing the income from such sales, subtract from gross receipts with respect to sales of such stamps or coupons (or from gross receipts with respect to sales with which trading stamps or coupons are issued) an amount equal to--
In 1963 the North East was chosen as the first battleground in the country for the clash between the Fine Fare Group and its trading stamps and other multiple traders.
That's until the ever-entrepreneurial company introduced trading stamps. Stamps were collected as customers bought their goods and when their book was full they could exchange it for cash or other gifts.
Just about out of nowhere, a gallon of gas now goes for two bucks and they don't even throw in trading stamps anymore.
He became Minnesota's first billionaire, through Gold Bond trading stamps, building his startup, the Carlson Cos., into a global powerhouse based in a suburb of Minneapolis.
What significance is there to the fact that the `belles-soeurs' steal Germaine's trading stamps?
* The special method of accounting for trading stamps and coupons under Treas.
Sunday opening, trading stamps, scrambled merchandising (or the "sell everything system", as it was known in the nineteenth century), out-of-town shopping developments, price-based competition and the "plight" of the small, independent shopkeeper have all repeatedly appeared as burning issues in the retailing industry[9].
* Demanding Shoppers who wanted excellence in all areas (cleanliness, friendly personnel, convenient location, brand variety, quality meat cuts) except trading stamps.
Items in the Journal of Retailing during that period addressed such topics as store policies (parking, evening openings, and services); branch storing potential and problems; personnel issues (selection, training, job evaluation, and unionization); automation; the impact of suburban shopping centers on downtowns; trading stamps; self selection; competition from the emerging discount house; government regulation impacts; and television as an advertising medium for retailers.
By far the smallest component of the miscellaneous business services industry --accounting for less than 1 percent of employment--the trading stamp services industry includes establishments that sell trading stamps to merchants and redeem trading stamps with merchandise.
Alternatively, Giant Eagle urged that the accrued discounts be treated as sales accompanying "trading stamps or premium coupons," enabling it to offset the estimated costs against gross receipts from grocery sales.
Trading stamps became a method by which retailers attempted to attract more customers.
You can donate used postage stamps, trading stamps, spent BT telephone cards and cigarette coupons.
It has specialized communities within its user base that have discreet interests and needs, whether it's collecting Furbies or trading stamps.