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a large room in a exchange where the trading is done


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This new trading room provides a concrete answer to each of these four objectives, while offering Oragroup a leading position as a financial intermediary that places the bank at the heart of financial exchanges in the countries where it operates.
Hosted daily by professional traders, the DTX trading room will broadcast live trade calls and instructional seminars for DTX subscription members.
The Globex trading room will focus on short term swing trades, lasting on average, a couple of days.
This will allow students to learn trading and financial analysis using the type of software used in the trading rooms of investment banks.
The trading room is laid out classroom style with four rows of desks supporting twenty computer workstations in front of a 21-foot wall-mounted LCD ticker display which provides live market data and news.
The trading room, completed in late 2003, includes a Trans-Lux Ticker Board and Trans-Lux Picture and Data Wall.
These trading rooms give investors direct access to the market, with all the potential gain - and loss - of Wall Street's major players.
Peck specified that his skyscraper was to include a suitable space for a large trading room to accommodate the needs of a lucrative tenant, the Chicago Stock Exchange.
Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) today announced a $250,000 donation to North Dakota State University that will be used for the development of the Commodity Trading Room at Barry Hall.
com)-- Infinet Financial Systems (IFS), a leader in the development and application of IP to Trading Room voice, today showcased its latest solution, the Adaptive Trading Platform (ATP), delivering Turret functionality to 4,750 positions.
THE City traders of the future are being trained at a specially equipped trading room at Cardiff University.
Once determined, the trading desk footprint sets the gauge for the layout of the trading room.
Its wide range of tools and functions give up-to-the-second information and analytics allowing users to make informed decisions to manage financial exposure in trading room activities.
This merger represents a joining of two of a new breed of Turret vendor, with the objective of pooling expertise and resource, to produce a more powerful, yet more adaptable core range of solutions for the Trading room.
The 28th floor houses both a high density file storage system and a state-of-the-art trading room that are essential to Bank Austria's operations.