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a retail store serving a sparsely populated region

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Imagine the joy felt from the Western Trading Post crew when one of their clients consigned a knife to the auction inscribed, Doroteo Arango.
At least 20 trading posts similar to BAPTC are being developed in the provinces by the Department of Agriculture (DA) to serve as a distribution network for homegrown produce.
Most ordinary items are never going to be a problem, and as you get acquainted with radio trading posts, you'll get used to knowing what could be a problem.
REGARDING the article in the Examiner about Queensgate Market Hall, these trading posts are well past their sell by date.
He set up trading posts to compete with Americans, and single-handedly surveyed a continental area unparalleled in human history.
These self-guided tours use highways to help tourists create a road map of landmarks, trading posts, museums, and more, covering Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah's finest Native lands.
During the fur trade period and over the years since that time many maps have been produced showing the locations of trading posts. Each map is important and provides information about the site or the author, although in numerous cases the maps have errors when compared to present day knowledge of geography and other records of the fur trade.
Trading posts will once again be erected with the intention of educating tourists on the Aboriginal history of the region, and LeClair is expecting to do this with little assistance from the government.
The universe boasts 40 star systems and 150 different space stations, planets and trading posts. You can fly to each through space but for longer journeys, trading lanes warp you from one point to another.
I just finished reading "The Benefits of Beavers" [January/February 2003] and wanted to offer one modest clarification: Lewis and Clark did not "establish" any fur trading posts during their cross-continent trek of 1804-1806.
Portugal set up trading posts in East Timor during the 1500s, and eventually gained control of the area.