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a fund that a customer has entrusted to a securities brokerage

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The CSX announcement said the high increase in the market index was due to three main reasons, including a number of trading accounts that doubled from about 9,991 to over 20,000 from July to November this year.
Given all the noises coming from the government, which are sometimes contradictory, South Korean banks have been somewhat unwilling to open virtual trading accounts for cryptocurrency traders, according to ( local reports .
The Financial Service Commission (FSC) said Tuesday it is "up to each bank whether to issue a new trading account for cryptocurrencies after they introduce a real-name service system."
Meanwhile, GES EX will send prompt notifications such as email, SMS or mobile application push notifications to clients once the system detects any online activities in their trading accounts. These activities include, but not limited to, account login, password reset, trade execution and fund transfer to a third party account.
According to Article 11 of the Margin Trading Rules, the marginable securities and purchased securities by margin trading and cash balances of the customer in the margin trading accounts are permitted collateral against margin trading financing.
John role Mjok Deputy Governor of Central Bank of the State of South Sudan, said the meeting agreed on some important topics and formed committees to discuss the systematic study of some of the topics such as opening trading accounts to encourage commercial banks to open accounts for border trade .
However, preparations for opening trading accounts in terms of submission of requests and required documentation to the relevant national administrator can start ahead of the software release.
The MSCI also noted that "international institutional investors often establish segregated custody and trading accounts in Qatar and in the UAE to mitigate the risk from local brokers having unlimited access to the trading accounts.
Cost and profit calculation were made in four trading accounts in the double-entry ledger at the old DPC as it was purchased by the new DPC in 1902.
Systems Development Department Director, IT Sector Maziad Abdul Lateif Al Maziad said, "The added quantitative services enable customers to purchase prepaid cards of cell phones and transfer into KFH trading accounts, in addition to donate to charity committees, through using same username and passport of KFHOnline service at any time anywhere ring-fenced with full protection and security.
The Securities and Exchange Commission recently approved a proposal from the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) to shorten the time periods for settlement of syndicate accounts, secondary market trading accounts, and the payment of designations.
Algorithmic trading accounts for a third of all share trades in America and the Aite Group, a consultancy, reckons it will make up more than half the share volumes and a fifth of options trades by 2010....
The sources said the lawyer used names of other persons to open a total of 170 trading accounts at about 30 securities firms for margin trading in OHT shares.
Of that, he converted $274,000 to personal use and lost $191,000 in online trading accounts.
As a first step, we compare the market risk capital data with a very broad measure of risk exposure-the size of the trading accounts at the institutions that are subject to the new market risk standards.