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commercial, industrial, or professional activity in general

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It is then no wonder that Israel was by far Egypt's largest trading partner m the Middle East during the time period 1980 to 1992.
The partnership with Western Trading eliminates uncertainty in disposing of corporate real estate assets, and at the same time, provides tremendous leverage because the valuable ATCs can restore advertising budgets that most likely would have been severely reduced had the client been forced to sell at distress prices."
Orange juice contracts, sold by the New York Cotton Exchange, generally provide a comfortable trading climate due to their seasonality.
It's not mom and pop doing all this trading. It's the prudent portfolio managers they "hired" to run the mutual funds plus the pension managers who invest the corporate pension money who've got the Wall Street trading habit.
As part of that campaign, it has used its economic leverage to ensure that Taiwan is not able to strike agreements of its own with China's new FTA partners, cutting off opportunities with the island's natural trading partners.
* RealPage, Inc.(NASDAQ: RP) rose 5.9% to $65.44 in pre-market trading.
During the free trial, trading mentors will also focus on corrective trading solutions for common trading mistakes normally encountered by most traders.
and European capacity for trade leadership is the only factor that could, in the foreseeable future, realistically become more favorable to prospects for Doha and, eventually, another large trading round.
TSX Group operates Canada's two national stock exchanges, Toronto Stock Exchange serving the senior equity market and TSX Venture Exchange serving the public venture equity market as well as Natural Gas Exchange (NGX), a leading North American exchange for the trading and clearing of natural gas and electricity contracts.
Since wildlife markets are a system of networks with major hubs, these trading points provide practical control opportunities to maximize the effects of regulatory efforts (32).
Indeed, Porter says that in the year since the dual listing, he has seen little change in how Cadence's stock trades, but quickly explains that's at least in part because Securities and Exchange (SEC) regulations continue to give the NYSE an advantage in the trading of listed stocks.
Chile's trade with China has already increased four-fold in the past decade, becoming its third-most-important trading partner last year.
The net result was that by 1982, the Middle East and North Africa replaced Europe as Turkey's main trading outlet and Iraq displaced West Germany as its main trading partner.
The recent mutual fund trading scandals, however, have changed that perception.