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Musically, at least, Tradesman's Entrance captures the unique and often uncomfortable territory carved out by the band - post-punk, post-industrial and definitely Birmingham in its backstreet vitality and deadpan humour.
The typical "big-house" had three entrances, front door, servant door and tradesman's entrance but who used these entrances depended very much upon their status.
Some vintage recorded Dangerfield will finally make it into the public realm on November 30, with the muchdelayed release of Tradesman's Entrance, the debut album by Birmingham band The Courtesy Group.
While Birmingham dodged into the Premier League through the tradesman's entrance in 2002, their most recent triumph is far more worthy.
While accompanying his father on piano-tuning rounds, he visited many grand country houses, always using the tradesman's entrance.
Rangers' spirited and resolute comeback in Copenhagen shouldn't be allowed to disguise the fact that they have joined the elite by way of the tradesman's entrance.
In fact, the size of the thing meant that one bedroom encroached on our nextdoor neighbour's plot and its front porch (as opposed to the back porch, or tradesman's entrance, as it was quickly dubbed) had to be forced into our kitchen.
Now Kevin Keegan's caught the bug - and he's asking Gazza for a replay of his Gretaest Hits to usher England through the tradesman's entrance to Euro 2000.
The battle-hardened Belgians have come to their fifth successive finals via the tradesman's entrance - a narrow play-off win against Ireland - and a gruelling warm-up schedule in which they have been pitting their wits with distinction against top sides.
Capello will not let his players off the leash if they do their duty against Montenegro - although his message is England must smash their way through the front door to Euro 2012, rather than sneak in the tradesman's entrance.
He sold his soul to the Lib Dems and promised the referendum to sneak his way into No10 through the tradesman's entrance.
There's a tradesman's entrance to the rear and a garage, while the back garden is mainly block paved with good fencing to boundaries.
Accompanied by coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker, they stopped outside the tradesman's entrance to the Ritz, where the couple took their last steps - dashing into a waiting Mercedes.
Accompanied by coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker, they were driven past the city's Opera house and down the narrow Rue Cambon to stop at the spot, outside the unremarkable tradesman's entrance to the Ritz, where the couple took their last steps.
The crowd eventually went away happy and they were able to start their match having gained access to court via the tradesman's entrance.