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an exchange that occurs as a compromise


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Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania whose study, The Tradeoff Fallacy, suggests that Americans do not disclose personal information to marketers in exchange for discounts or special offers, but rather because they believe marketers will just get the data anyway
No que se refere a extensao de conhecimento dos tradeoffs, destaca-se a revelacao de que a maioria dos profissionais logisticos tem ciencia da existencia das trocas compensatorias e sabe que o aumento em um custo pode ser compensado pelo aumento nas receitas ou pela reducao em outros custos.
One approach DOD can take to evaluate offerors' proposals is the best value tradeoff process in which the relative importance of price varies compared to non-cost factors.
Outra corrente de pesquisadores, contudo, tem sugerido a inexistencia dos tradeoffs.
Knowledge about the various solutions ("sets") that have been created, and their performance tradeoffs, is stored in a way that is easily accessible by all engineering team members.
Storage administrators must choose to implement asynchronous or synchronous mirroring and tradeoffs exist for each case.
The tax department of the future will be integrated in the firm's overall enterprise risk management and also help communicate and monitor for any gaps between the tax department's implementation of tax strategies and the firm's risk/return/reputation tradeoff.
A strength--a formidable policy proposal--as well as the weakness of the book are found in the final chapter, in which the authors first discuss the contending political positions and concomitant tradeoffs regarding vouchers, then propose a voucher program they have planned in exceptional detail.
The tradeoff presented was good news for tenofovir on safety; only 1% of the patients had lipodystrophy (as efined by the researchers) vs.
Each design makes different tradeoffs between inclusion removal, costs and performance parameters.
It was an impassioned speech, full of yearning for a world without tradeoffs, a world of pristine environments and endless job opportunities.
In light of this result, we argue that fitness tradeoffs in females that result from resources females allocate to eggs are much lower than fitness trade-offs mediated in part by male-female interactions.
To be both a liberal and a good economist you must have a certain sense of the tragic--that is, you must understand that not all goals can be attained, that life is a matter of painful tradeoffs.
Our data set also goes a long way toward satisfying the three requirements identified by Smith and Ehrenberg (1983:363) for estimating wage-pension benefit tradeoffs.
We do this because we believe our economic well-being requires us to accept environmental tradeoffs.