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a name given to a product or service

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Safeway Store #1589, 116 River Bend Drive, Leavenworth; change of tradename approved Aug.
Thuricide: tradename for another over-the-counter product containing Bt and also specific to actively feeding caterpillars.
This reference coalesces current and essential information about both tradename and generic chemical additives into a single source and expedites material selection for the function/applications, CAS number and EINECS number.
This strategic alliance allows for cooperation between AES and Taiwan Lee Rubber to develop custom TPE compounds which will be sold under a TLR tradename within Taiwan to companies that compound and/or process thermoset rubber compounds.
1253(d) generally permitted lump-sum payments made to acquire a franchise, trademark or tradename to be amortized over a 10-year period, provided the amount paid did not exceed $100,000.
ILKG signed a memorandum of agreement with I Stream, another Florida based company, to obtain this patented product for InterLink's customers The products will be marketed, beginning in February, under both the InterLink Global name, as well as the Company's recently launched "Net Talk" national tradename.
The problem with Shore, the B-word and DuPont's tradename for polychloroprene is that they are tradenames for certain products and don't represent all of the products of their type.
Accutane(R) is a registered tradename of Hoffmann-LaRoche and Vbeam(R) is a registered tradename of Candela Corporation.
DuPont-Sabanci International, LLC started operations at the end of 2000 and will use the tradename of Dusa International, with headquarters located in Wilmington, DE.