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a worker who belongs to a trade union

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Speaking on Wednesday at the closure of the National Constitutional Conference of the Department of Offices and Public Enterprises, Abbassi said that the year 2017 will be busy and will be marked by the opening of several delicate and hot files requiring bold and energetic decisions in order to save many public enterprises already in difficulty, calling on trade unionists and workers to show reason and to prevail the Higher interests of the country
May Day is a traditional celebration for trade unionists and workers that was born in the struggle for the eight-hour day, 125 years ago.
Former Unite general secretary, Tony Woodley, rededicated the union's regional office in Churchill Way, to Jack Jones, the city-born trade unionist who fought in the Spanish Civil War and later became general secretary of the Transport and General Workers' Union.
As trade unionists and academics we express our sympathy to the parents of Kevin Gately and to his friends at Warwick University.
The Labour Party needs to have a relationship with trade unionists and not just the unions.
The campaign has attracted support from local trade unionists, those fighting cuts in the community as well as people on disability benefits.
Last month, Egypt banned a group of Jordanian trade unionists from Gaza through Rafah, Gaza's only crossing which bypasses Israel, saying they had failed to give prior notice of their arrival.
Trade unionists, political parties, antiracist organisations and faith groups called Scotland United have organised a rally on the same day to celebrate multicultural Glasgow at Glasgow Green.
Colombia free trade agreement (CFTA) argue against it on three points: (1) the high rate of violence (murders, arbitrary detentions/kidnappings, and death threats) against trade unionists in Colombia; (2) the lack of adequate punishment for the perpetrators of that violence; and (3) weak Colombian enforcement of International Labor Organization (ILO) core labor standards and labor laws.
A substantial point of contention among trade unionists and social justice activists within the AFL-CIO is the fact that the federation still receives money from the USAID and the U.
The worst violence against trade unionists by far occurred in Colombia, which recorded 185 of the 223 assassinations or disappearances in 2001.
59] Moralists increasingly followed the lead of Tory radicals and trade unionists in denouncing the work of women, especially married mothers, as pernicious to family morality and social stability.
The trade unionists want to protest against an overly market-focused and capital-driven Europe, which forgets social aspects and jobs.
More than half believe the Government's proposals do not reflect the views of trade unionists and three-quarters were unhappy at the lack of consultation.
The trade unionists drew up the report in response to the 20-year strategy review by Centro, which co-ordinates public transport in Birmingham, the Black Country, Coventry and Solihull.
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