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the policy of imposing duties or quotas on imports in order to protect home industries from overseas competition

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Third, the lack of success for multilateral trade negotiations means that minimal progress in the reduction of trade protectionism can be expected.
Trade protectionism is an important point on the agenda of the G20 Summit taking place in Saint Petersburg on 5 and 6 September 2013.
EU trade commissioner Karel De Gucht defended the move against criticisms that it amounts to trade protectionism, calling that description "simply wrong and misleading", in a (http://europa.
Li warned that such punitive measures would send "the wrong signal that trade protectionism is experiencing a comeback," while adding that his country hoped for a positive relationship with the EU.
This delicate situation could escalate into further currency intervention, trade protectionism and capital controls.
com)-- In recent years, China has seen a growing surge in terms of the production and demand of activated carbon with the export proportion ever declining, on account of intensifying environmental-friendly policies in China as well as accelerated trade protectionism carried out by European and American countries.
The central bank of Russia, host of this week's meeting of Group of 20 finance officials in Moscow, urged joint action to achieve balanced global growth and called on nations not to resort to trade protectionism and currency devaluations.
Efforts to reduce trade protectionism could move a step closer if an agreement between the US and EU is thrashed out.
One way the United States (the world's largest economy, source of much of the world's innovation, and adamant defender of the current approach) could thwart further trade protectionism is to offer a grand bargain.
We should deepen cooperation in customs, quality inspection, e-commerce, transit transport, standard certification and intellectual property rights, facilitate free flow of personnel, goods, capital, technology and services within the region, and jointly resist trade protectionism.
Weak recovery of the global economy and persistent high levels of unemployment are continuing to test the political resolve of G-20 governments to resist trade protectionism.
The world has done surprisingly well since the Great Recession began at not making things worse with trade protectionism.
Standards development and implementation have long been looked at as trade protectionism by many emerging economies.
There is anxiety that G20 nations could be heading for a return to 1930s-style trade protectionism, with damning consequences for the world economy two years after the start of the global financial crisis.
The global economic recovery is likely to be "slow and tortuous" and China faces risks from a multitude of factors including trade protectionism and bad real estate loans, China's Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) said on Tuesday.