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the policy of imposing duties or quotas on imports in order to protect home industries from overseas competition

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Moreover, the last years have seen an upswing in trade protectionism, with the EU and its Member States turning into outright targets of trade restrictive measures applied by countries worldwide.
On foreign policy, Trump's "America First" platform advocates for strong trade protectionism and reduced engagements abroad.
As Middle East has strong link to Asia, the effect of trade protectionism could be mitigated," Duret concluded.
A market that would dispense with expensive trade tariffs and free us from the nationalistic trade protectionism of other nation states.
NEW DELHI Tue Mar 4, 2014 (Reuters) - India's trade minister on Tuesday accused the United States of excessive trade protectionism, launching a broadside that coincided with the visit of a top U.
India's commerce minister accused the United States of "unacceptable" trade protectionism Tuesday as a US official travelled to India on a mission to repair ties following an ugly diplomatic row.
The two leaders agreed that, in current circumstances, the two should continue to oppose trade protectionism and promote trade and investment liberalization.
Meanwhile, the Chinese president urged G20 members to jointly maintain and promote the openness of the world economy and oppose all forms of trade protectionism.
Global efforts to battle trade protectionism need to be reinforced to help shield the fragile economic recovery across the world.
During the two-day meeting, the leaders are also expected to address counterterrorism efforts in northern and western Africa following the Algerian hostage standoff in January, tax avoidance by multinational corporations, efforts to resist trade protectionism, and transparency in business transactions before wrapping up with a leaders' declaration on Tuesday.
Li warned that such punitive measures would send "the wrong signal that trade protectionism is experiencing a comeback," while adding that his country hoped for a positive relationship with the EU.
The central bank of Russia, host of this week's meeting of Group of 20 finance officials in Moscow, urged joint action to achieve balanced global growth and called on nations not to resort to trade protectionism and currency devaluations.
Efforts to reduce trade protectionism could move a step closer if an agreement between the US and EU is thrashed out.
But one feared scenario has not materialized: a big wave of 1930s-style trade protectionism.
One way the United States (the world's largest economy, source of much of the world's innovation, and adamant defender of the current approach) could thwart further trade protectionism is to offer a grand bargain.