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a debtor's accounts of money he owes

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One phenomenon associated with this deterioration in public finances has been the significant increase in the time taken by governments to pay its suppliers and, therefore, in its trade debt (Flynn and Pessoa, 2014).
Highlighting the scale of the fi-nancial squeeze on Birmingham's smallest businesses, micro-SMEs were each burdened on average with PS65,000 worth of trade debt, equating to 16 per cent of turnover.
Allowing tax-exempt pension funds such as GSIS, which provides pensions to more than 1 million state workers, and SSS to trade debt may also help them better manage their finances.
* $125,018 to Diversified Services Lawn & Garden of El Dorado for trade debt.
Thus, firms with higher levels of external and trade debt are more prone to failure via forced closure.
Interest-bearing debt financing is sought when trade debt sources are extinguished.
The Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) provided by Cofaceis a receivables management solution which facilitates Business to Business Trade by covering the losses generated by the non-payment of a trade debt. It covers many of the commercial and political risks faced by a business when selling goods in domestic markets, export markets or both.
"For example, if a company is operating on a five per cent profit margin and suffers a trade debt of pounds 10,000, you need to make further sales of pounds 200,000 just to recoup the lost capital."
Credit insurer Euler Hermes offers loan assurance, risk assessment, trade debt collection, compensation of losses resulting from buyer insolvency, bonding and guarantees for businesses, reinsurance of loans to individuals and fidelity insurance aimed at covering companies against financial loss caused by frauds.Country: Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, SpainSector: InsuranceType: JVStatus: Agreed
The White Sox are owed $3.5 million, Levy Restaurants are shown to be owed $588,322 in "trade debt", Continental Airlines ($339,403 in trade debt), Bank of America is owed $316,243 in credit card debt, and in one of more embarrassing matters, Vin Scully is showed to be owed $152,778.
"Further, except for our financial creditors (our senior lenders and subordinated note holders who will trade debt for stock), all holding company creditors will be paid in full in the normal course of business so there will be no impact on operations."
Creditors include: ABN Amro Bank NV, owed US$94.5 million for unsecured notes, and Telefonica Larga, owed US$13.3 million, and Puerto Rico Telephone Co., owed US$1.6 million, both for trade debt. The Federal Communications Commission is owed US$7.8 million for wireless licenses.
Even in today's strengthening economy, losses attributed to non-payment of a trade debt or bankruptcy can occur.
"The new Heritage has emerged without the substantial albatross of that trade debt and can refocus its energy on its core business, which is advertising sales and distribution, with original productions being reduced substantially," says Wiley, adding that the company emerged from bankruptcy on Jan.
He owes former madam Heidi Fleiss - an ex-girlfriend - pounds 2900 in 'trade debt' and can't even afford pounds 32 for his Equity card.