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a bill of exchange for a specific purchase

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In the US Senate, there is strong support for the Lieberman-Warner cap and trade bill, with debate due to begin in the full Senate - it has already been voted out of committee - on 2 June.
Yet even if the worker-rights language was never enforced, I'd still argue for putting it into trade bills.
His music-covered board showed constellations and gourds, slave trade bills and illustrations of life on the plantations where the specialized music was created.
The two trade bills were the first products of the "fast-track" authority Congress gave the President last year.
Shares of South Korea's Ssangyong Corporation tumbled to a six-month low yesterday after regulators said the trading firm obtained pounds 61 million from six banks by falsifying trade bills to cover up losses at failed companies.
Senate at the end of May voted to approve Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and several other small trade bills, bringing the U.
Trade bills are enacted with no apparent change in the median, and changes in the median legislator are not followed by the passage of a new trade bill.
Two major trade bills, the North American Free Trade Agreement and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, each passed Congress though leaders of the president's party opposed them and populists left (Ralph Nader), right (Pat Buchanan), and center (Ross Perot) ginned up their infomedia networks to denounce them.
Our institutions were not mature enough then to preside over the world economy, so we passed two highly protectionist trade bills.