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a mutual fund whose assets are stocks on a given list

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a mutual fund that invests in the stocks that are the basis of a well-known stock or bond index

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But if providers can bring fund prices down so they're comparable with index tracker funds, swaps, and futures, CIOs' attitudes could align with those of their US peers-but probably not regarding the length of their lunch breaks.
The investment would have produced a higher return than if the same money had been paid into an instant access account, but it would have been outperformed by a notice savings account, tracker fund and a balanced managed fund.
A A TRACKER fund is a good idea if you want your money to follow a share index such as the FTSE 100, which means it will track up as well as down.
This is because of tracker funds which base their portfolios on shares that at least match the performance of those in the index.
The first port of call for many, especially first time investors, may be to look at the myriad of Tracker funds on the market.
When the last quarterly assessment was made of leading stock, the two companies lost their places amongst those shares which are eagerly followed by tracker funds.
There are over 500 to choose from, including Corporate Bonds, Tracker Funds, Blue Chip, European, Smaller Companies, the list goes on.
Non tracker funds give them a free hand to try to beat the market every time - though they don't always succeed.
Tracker funds follow the market and buy or sell shares.
Evolution and application maintenance OSCAR > ( tracker funds allocated to support the aerospace industry )
says ID fraud protection and card protection are worthless as banks cover fraud losses, while expensive tracker funds can have charges three times higher than they need to be.
The company is now a contender for FTSE 250 entry at some point next year, which means tracker funds will have to buy the shares.
INVESTMENTS [bar] Investors who use tracker funds, products which follow the movement of the stock market, will see their investments greatly reduced by a turbulent market - pounds 10 is lost for every pounds 1,000 invested when the market loses 1%.
Take a look at tracker funds on any of the price comparison websites or ask a nancial adviser.