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a catheter that is inserted into the trachea through the mouth or nose in order to maintain an open air passage or to deliver oxygen or to permit the suctioning of mucus or to prevent aspiration of the stomach contents

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A single-lumen tracheal tube followed by insertion of an 11 Fr Cook[R] airway exchange catheter was used to advance a DLT without difficulties.
sup][12] Since the video lens of Storz D-Blade VL is very close to the tip of the blade, it is also more difficult to position the tracheal tube in front of the glottis.
Controlled comparison between betamethasone gel and lidocaine jelly applied over tracheal tube to reduce postoperative sore throat, cough, and hoarseness of voice.
Anesthetists widely use uncuffed tracheal tubes for pediatric patients of 8-10 years old or younger because of the advantages of good seal at the cricoid rings, decreased pressure, and thus a lower risk for mucosal injury [1].
Arthur Ernest Guedel (1883 to 1956) is well known for several major developments in anaesthesia: charts of the stages of anaesthesia (1), inflatable cuffs for tracheal tubes (2) and the Guedel oropharyngeal airway (3).
A comparison with the tracheal tube and face mask during spontaneous ventilation using a circle breathing system.
Cuffed or uncuffed tracheal tubes during anaesthesia in infants and small children: time to put the eternal discussion to rest?
A plausible exception where even such an ideal intubation device may fail would be in the presence of an infraglottic pathology that prevents the advancement of a tracheal tube beyond the glottis.
Brimacombe J, Keller C, Giampalmo M, Sparr HJ, Berry A 1999 Direct measurement of mucosal pressures exerted by cuff and non-cuff portions of tracheal tubes with different cuff volumes and head and neck positions British Journal of Anaesthesia 82 (5) 708-711
VandenBrooks and team took the hyperoxic-reared roaches to Argonne National Lab's x-ray synchrontron imaging facility to get a closer look at the tracheal tubes.
15) A gum elastic bougie is a 60-cm long tracheal tube introducer that has an external diameter of 5 mm to accommodate tracheal tubes of greater than 6 mm of internal diameter.
But the four simple tracheal tubes in Himalmartensus new genus (Fig.
nasal RAE tracheal tubes or microlaryngeal tubes (MLT)
A similarly branching internal architecture controls the flow of nutrient-laden water throughout plants and gives order to the tracheal tubes of insects, they noted.
Currently, the paramedic assessment unit carries lifesaving equipment, including a manual defibrillator, a cardiac monitoring unit, tracheal tubes and some pharmaceuticals.