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an administrative division of a county

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** P < 0.01 versus control; # P < 0.05, ## P < 0.01 versus TP.
** P < 0.01 versus control; ## P < 0.01 versus TP.
Segun Cloninger y Svrakic (1994), puntuaciones bajas en las dimensiones caracteriales, sobre todo baja auto-direccion (AD) y cooperacion (C), se asociaban con un elevado numero de sintomas de todos los grupos o clusteres de TP. Los sintomas del cluster A (raro/excentrico) estaban asociados con baja dependencia de la recompensa (DR), los del cluster B (impulsivo) con alta busqueda de novedades (BN), y los del cluster C (ansioso) con alta evitacion del dano (ED).
One would think that all organizations everywhere would realize that deferring attrition to the field is an expensive, inefficient alternative to effecting attrition in the TP. Field managers, both military and corporate, bemoan the practice of passing onto the field inept employees of good character.
For heterotic traits, estimates of [r.sub.g] (LP, TP) with experimental lines from early selfing generations may be reduced because different levels of heterozygosity affect LP but not TP.
BAUKUS/BOCKUS, Abraham b USA, will be 92 next birthday, (Osnabruck Tp. Census 1861, E.D.
Then r[tp] denotes the multiset of all TP-tuples in r which are data-identical to tp. Since "data-identical" is a reflexive, symmetric, transitive relation on TP-tuples, it is also an equivalence relation on r where each r[tp] corresponds to an equivalence class in this relation.
The price that is placed on such products, services, and know-how is generally regarded as the transfer price, or TP. MNCs regularly use TP policies as strategic tools to increase subsidiary profits when the subsidiary is in a foreign country with a lower tax rate.